On November 10, 1940, the Copacabana opened its doors and went on to become the most famous nightclub in New York. Along with the likes of performers Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Sammy Davis Jr. , it was also used as the set of many notable movies.

      Now although we didn’t get to experience it in all its glory back in the day, we had an opportunity to imagine what it must have been like. On this “Tropicana Night” the stage was set with a classic nine-piece big band “Fleur Seule”, headlined by Allyson Briggs, a sultry Frank Sinatra with the looks of Marilyn Monroe. People flocked to the dance floor, with the variety only a city like New York can inspire, from the regulars showing everyone how it’s done to the people ready to dip their toes into an old fashioned world. This night at the Copacabana in New York City we witnessed an exotic night of ballroom and latin dances with swing and flair.



Tropicana Nights At The Copacabana